District Pond Mowing Info

District stormwater detention ponds are typically mowed the last week of the month.  Here is the schedule of pond mowing:

January February March April May June July August September October November December
frequency 1 0 1 2 2 2 1 1 2 1 1 0

Landscape Committee Updates

Action ItemStatusDates
Irrigation main repairComplete08/2023
Irrigation check for leaksIn process08/2023
Tree trimming limb upComplete2023 tree maintenance has been completed
Take a look at the latest landscaper’s report.

Sprinkler System

A few residents have questions concerning why the irrigation system is sometimes running during rain showers. The Ranch at Cypress Creek has an extensive irrigation system that is operated by seven different solar/battery powered controllers. These controllers are equipped with rain sensors that are set to shut the system off should an ample rainfall event of approximately ½ inch occur. Maintaining adequate soil moisture requires deep watering of such rains and with a light rainfall the soil and landscape still need supplemental irrigation applied. Irrigation is also limited to certain days and time periods and if that time is interrupted the soil moisture is difficult to replace in the short term. Rain sensors are also not totally reliable and can malfunction due to the presence of any debris including dust, leaves, bird doo, and insects; and also have mechanical electrical issues.

One is likely to see the irrigation system running during a rainfall event if the rainfall event provided less than ½ inch rain or if the rain sensor is malfunctioning. Our contractor visually monitors the irrigation system during each site visit and performs a complete check once a month. They also respond to specific repair request made through the Board. At this time the Board has determined that its irrigation system is operating properly and that it is more cost effective to leave the irrigation system set and operating as is rather than incur the expense to manually operate the controllers.

Green Links

RACC Green Links

Here are some links to sites with information and resources that can help you “go green”:

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